Residentiel Vinyl Cladding Ltd are in Association with Canada & America’s largest Vinyl, PVC & Plastics extruders – The Royal Group.

Residentiel specialises in a range of exterior Vinyl Cladding (Siding).

We export throughout Western Europe and welcome all enquiries.

Probably the most cost effective, safe to use and extensively guaranteed (fifty years) cladding in today’s Market Place.

The product has been firmly established in Canada, the US and Australia for over forty years.

  • Vinyl has no fibre cement dust to cover your workers
  • Needs no chemical staining or painting to harm the environment
  • Lead free
  • Range of colours guaranteed (fifty years!)
  • Will not go brittle
  • Does not split, crack, rot, rust or corrode
  • Does not creak and groan with temperature change like conventional plastics
  • Does not buckle and bow
  • Unique moisture release system allows for application in any weather
  • Fully recyclable