Royal Vinyl Cladding

Royal Vinyl is extruded from polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin and blended with exclusive DURA technology impact modifiers which form an extremely tough long lasting cladding.

A product which has been firmly established in Canada, the US and Australia for over thirty years.

Royal Cladding will withstand extreme temperatures of minus 30 deg. C and plus 55 deg. C.

Because it has a of flexibility and because of the application system it will not creak and groan with temperature change like conventional plastic systems and does not buckle and bow.

The colour is saturated through the product whilst no colour in the world will not change to some degree, the Royal colours have a colour protection formulation giving the most advanced colour retention technology available. This means it never needs painting.
Royal Cladding will not dent, peel, flake, rust or corrode, will hide scratches and is virtually maintenance free.

American Society Materials Testing Institution, an internationally recognised standards body.
Recognised  by the British Standards Institute. Standard Number ASTM D3679
Fire Test: Ignition temperature 436 degrees Fahrenheit or 224 degrees Centigrade, removal of flame source causes the material to self-extinguish, prior to ignition it deforms and ‘droops’
Low Temperature Test: -37 degrees Centigrade
Wind Speed: Tested to 130 mph (Hurricane)

Because of its unique moisture release system, Vinyl Cladding can be applied in any weather and to almost any surface. The system includes Soffits, Fascias and Trims to suit all applications whether domestic or commercial.