What is it?
Royal Crest vinyl cladding is formed from extruded polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin, which endows it with outstanding resistance to stones, balls, ladders etc.

Does it insulate?
Royal Crest vinyl bestows better insulation qualities than aluminium, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Will it burn?
Royal Crest vinyl’s self-extinguishing and can’t support flame on its own ; thus it can only be damaged by a continuous flame source. In such an instance, simply shrinks to nothing, and doesn’t drip like conventional plastics. Red cedar self ignites at 500°F(260°C).Vinyl only ignites at 810°F (432°C).

Is it weatherproof?
Royal Crest vinyl withstands temperatures of plus to 55°C and as low as minus 30°C, and can take the force of winds up to 240 k.p.h.

Is it colourfast?
The colours in Royal Crest vinyl are saturated right through the product, ensuring that they will still be distinctive in 50 years time.

Does it meet today’s norms and standards?
American Society Materials Testing Institution, an internationally recognised standards body.
Recognised  by the British Standards Institute. Standard Number ASTM D3679
Fire Test: Ignition temperature 436 degrees Fahrenheit or 224 degrees Centigrade, removal of flame source causes the material to self-extinguish, prior to ignition it deforms and ‘droops’
Low Temperature Test: -37 degrees Centigrade
Wind Speed: Tested to 130 mph (Hurricane)

Is it as noisy as plastic cladding?
Because Royal Crest vinyl has superior flexibility, and because of its method of installation, it doesn’t crack and creak with changing temperatures, like conventional plastic systems, and it doesn’t warp or bend.

Physical Requirements

Characteristics U.S.A. Standards ASTM 3679-92 CANADIANStandards CAN/CGSB 41-24-95 ROYAL CREST Performance
Wall thickness 0.035″ 0.040″ .046 + or – 0.004
Width +-  1/16″ Not specified +-  1/16″
Length +-  1/4″ Not specified +-  1/4″
Weight >15.81Kg/square Not specified >18.0Kg/square
Impact resistance
@23°C min
1.74 in-lb/mil 2.00 in-lb/mil 2.75 in-lb/mil
Impact resistance
@0°C min
Not required 1.50 in-lb/mil 1.95 in-lb/mil
Low temperature flexibility@0°C Not required 80%passed 90%passed
Warp 1/8″ per length max. 1/8″ per length max. 1/8″ per length max.
Heat Shrinkage 3.0%max. 3.0%max. 3.0%max.
Thermal stability Not specified Not specified 100%
Coefficient of linear Expansion 4.5*10-5 in./in.°F 4.5*10-5 in./in.°F 3.07*10-5 in./in.°F
Specular gloss Not specified +- 15% max. +- 10% max.
Color consistency Not specified Not specified +- 0.2 – 0.5
Fastener holes Not specified 1″ min. 1 1/4″
Fastener hole spacing Not specified 2″c.c.max. 1 3/4″ c.c.

Features & Benefits

It’s attractive It will appeal to customer and visitor alike
It’s tough It will withstand knocks
It will not flake No Sanding
It will not rust No treatments required
It will not chip No repainting
It will not corrode No replacing
It will not dent No filling
It will retain colour No painting
It resists insect attack No treatment
It protects against the elements No maintenance
It’s easy to install Inexpensive to fit
It always look fresh Maintains clean and tidy image
It’s versatile Create attractive designs
It has a wide range of colors Choice for customer
It needs no maintenance Easy to handle
It has a 50 year warranty More time for other pursuits
t’s simple to keep clean It will last an adult lifetime
It’s self extinguishing No effort required
It’s totally recyclable No disposal problem


Ultimately, Royal’s leadership has made the Dura Technology Manufacturing Process possible, resulting in the most durable solid vinyl siding products on the market today.